On November 13th it’s World Kindness Day. We wanted to recognise this as the world needs a little kindness right now. With more lockdowns taking place globally and listening to the news is so bleak that wanted to share some kindness.

If you would like to be part of a safe online community then you can come join us in our Facebook group the Preemie Support Village. We’re a kind and friendly bunch. We will be continuously adding to the resources in there and building the bank of interviews. Stacey and I really want this to be more than just a peer support group so we will be adding as many useful things in there as we can for you.

We don’t wait for World Kindness Day to be kind in there!

NICU kindness

At the beginning of your baby’s stay on the neonatal unit it will probably be a little bit of a blur. After a few weeks and you are feeling a little bit more like yourself you will appreciate all the kindness that has come your way.

You have the obvious ones like family and friends. They may have sent texts or tried to call. Some even bring you food and take any other children you have off your hands (these family members and friends are keepers by the way). In the beginning I certainly didn’t fully appreciate these people in my life. I was grateful don’t get me wrong but I hadn’t really thought about the kindness they were showing or told them yet how much I appreciated them.

Two people reaching out holding hands. Photography credit: Remi Walle
Two people reaching out holding hands. Photography credit: Remi Walle

After a few weeks I was much better with updates about my little boys condition and thanking people for staying in touch. I also began to see how much the nurses and even some doctors went out of their way to be kind. Finding little knitted hats or blankets. Cheering you and your baby on and really living your journey with you. I also remember some of the office staff (clearly rushed off their feet) making time to find out how you and your baby were doing. It wasn’t just an airy “how are you?” either. They actually stopped and listened to your response.

The NICU teams are amazing and you will forever hold a special place just for them.

Kindness amongst parents

Once we were discharged and I had built up the confidence to take my son to play groups my initial contact with parents were not ones full of kindness. My experience of the first few groups I tried I just could not find a “crowd” I wanted to be part of. They were competitive and some comments were just cutting.

After a good friend’s recommendation I decided to try one more group and I loved it. I even bumped into one of the NICU nurses who looked after my son. All the parents were lovely and I really enjoyed being in the company of adults again.

On the neonatal unit the parents seem to form this unspoken bond. Even if they are not your kind of people you were cheering them and their babies on. Being a first time mother and not really being around families I didn’t realise just how different it was outside of the NICU bubble! The whispering, pointing and rude comments were something I hadn’t expected. With everything going on right now I think the message to be kind is more important than ever.

Kindness ideas for 2020

  • Donate to a preemie charity
  • Do some volunteering
  • Smile or say hello to a stranger
  • Phone someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

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