I got asked this the other day “Why do you write 2 blogs every week?” They went on to tell me that they love my blog but it must be really time consuming to write 2 blogs every week which then got them thinking of the follow up question of “How do you find the time to write 2 blogs per week?” The short and simple answer is I love to write. When I was little I was always writing short (and some not so short) stories. Amongst my dream career choices was author.

Not only do I love to write I love to read. I used to drive my husband crazy with the amount of books I had. They are all still in the house and but they are hidden away now so they don’t drive him quite as crazy. I found I had to choose how to spend my time when my little boy was in bed and my love of writing won out (only ever so slightly though). However I did recently promise myself I would do a few more little things for me so maybe a chapter a day is in order!

Person sat on a stack of books. Photography credit: Gaelle Marcel
Person sat on a stack of books. Photography credit: Gaelle Marcel

I feel like I have a lot to write about as well. The story of having a preemie doesn’t stop once you are discharged from the neonatal unit. Those discharge papers are handed to you and you start a brand new chapter. Everyone has a story. Some like to share it verbally, others don’t like to share it at all and people like me like to write it all down. It can be like its own form of therapy!

There aren’t many preemie blogs out there

Before starting the blog I looked at a few others and found that there were some great preemie blogs out there. However there weren’t many and a few only had a couple of blogs. Presents For Preemies currently has close to 80 different blogs to read through and I am really proud of this! Not all are written by me though, I have asked others to write guest blogs and I have been very privileged that they have. Guests have provided some amazing blogs with some really helpful and useful information especially for you.

If you do want to read a bit of a different view of the preemie world I can recommend these blogs:

There is a lot out there on the internet so finding these can be hard work especially when you are not sure yet who is out there. I initially asked in a few preemie groups what blogs they were following and found that some mum’s had started blogs of their journey’s but had stopped by the third or fourth posting. It’s hard to keep up and a lot don’t know how to get their blog out there for a wider audience to read.

Past and future blogs

I briefly mentioned before about having guest bloggers and I wanted to come back to that and really show my appreciation. Blogging for others can be really hard, you don’t know if their audience is going to respond well to you and it can take a few hours of your day so you want to get it right. You can’t go far wrong by talking about what you’re passionate about and your own personal experiences.

Person writing. Photography credit: Green Chameleon
Person writing. Photography credit: Green Chameleon

I have had some very brave mum’s share their neonatal journeys and I am so grateful they not only took the time to write them but also relived the experience in their minds in order to produce blogs. I have had amazing responses about these stories from others and I’m so pleased that I can share on this platform not just my story but other trust me enough to share theirs. Here are just a few links:

Then there are some businesses that have taken the time to guest blog too. I am strict with these. They need to offer value to families and they need to or explain how their service helps a preemie and their family. For example Jacky Farbrace from Confident Cooking provided 4 free recipes for batch cooked meals so you have plenty of leftovers and ideas for snacking. Leanne Astolos provided 8 tips on how to bond with a premature baby. Another great service was offered by Sophie Stories, Sophie can help siblings understand what is happening and get them to express how they feel about having a premature sibling through the power of story-telling.

How to get involved

If you would like to help others by telling your story then feel free to get in touch with me. My email address is lisa@presentsforpreemies.co.uk

Did you see…

That our NICU diaries are now available on Amazon! There are 5 diaries to choose from:

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White diary with duckling, dinosaur and giraffe
Duckling diary
Dinosaur diary
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