COVID-19 has hit a lot of small charities really hard and it is estimated that up to 70% of charities will cease to exist by the end of 2020. They rely heavily on people being able to do fun runs, bake sales and coffee mornings amongst many other things. With lockdown and social distancing charity events have become even more of a challenge. Lots are having to adapt and think outside the box as to how they can raise funds. The big charities are likely to survive the effects of this pandemic but the smaller ones might really struggle to keep offering the same level of support to those who may desperately need them.

In this blog I have been researching what preemie charity events are taking place. If you can’t donate or take part you can still help. You can share this blog or you can visit the social media of these charities and share, like or comment on their posts to help raise awareness.

Money jar. Photography credit: Michael Longmire
Money jar. Photography credit: Michael Longmire

The charities

Colourful Beginnings – This wonderful charity, ran by Ola has lots going on. There are lots of ways to get involved with this charity. They are on the look out for blogs, support group facilitators, fund raisers, NICU ambassadors, event planners, NICU photographers and knitters, crochet lovers and sewers… there’s a role to fit anyone willing to help!

Leo’s neonatal – This charities motto is ‘we’ve got you’ and they offer support to families on the neonatal unit. They have teamed up with lots of baby activity groups and have created Leo’s Fest. Check out all the activities and see if any take your fancy.

Bliss – Bliss is the biggest charity we know of that supports premature babies. Their fund raising challenge is ‘Go the distance’. People are being asked to get involved by cycling or walking 27 or 100 miles. On average preemie parents will travel 27 miles to visit their baby, some however travel up to 100 miles. That’s a lot of miles to be covering on a regular basis to be able to see your newborn baby.

Tommy’s – this is another of the big charities and isn’t purely for premature babies. It focuses more on miscarriages and still birth as well as premature birth. This year the charity has teamed up with Toddler sense and Baby Sensory. It looks a lot of fun as the theme is the wild west! Lots of little ones are dressing up and cow girls and cow boys with their parents to help raise funds. They have a list of other ideas if dressing up isn’t your thing.

Get involved

It’s always fun to be involved in the fundraising activities individually or with family and friends so if you do want to get involved have a nosy and see what takes your fancy. It’s all for a good cause. Remember the more challenging an event the more money you stand to raise. Above all else have fun!

If you can’t participate in the fundraisers but would still like to donate to any of these charities details can be found on their websites.

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