The bond between my husband and little boy is amazing and I love seeing it grow. It fascinates me as it is completely different to my bond with my son. Neil sees his Daddy and is all excited, he knows it’s playtime!!! Even if it should actually be bedtime – cue the mummy eye roll with a smile (well nearly always a smile). There is always a lot of rough and tumble as well as noise. Not to mention he has taught Neil the overarm throw which he can now do with some force – we think cricket might be a good hobby for him when he’s older. Why is he a superhero Daddy though?

Neil with his Daddy
Neil with his Daddy

Superhero status

Well he saved Neil’s life, for which I am forever grateful for. His job means he is regularly trained in first aid and on the 3rd February 2017 those skills were exactly what we needed. Neil stopped breathing and went into respiratory arrest. He turned blue in front of our eyes and we genuinely feared we weren’t going to get him back at one point.

My husband kept going though doing exactly what he was trained to do. He ended up performing 5 rounds of CPR on the dining room table while I called 999. That whimper as Neil came back to life will stay with me forever, never had I been happier to hear any sort of noise coming from my little man. That whimper happened just as the first ambulance turned onto our road. We ended up with 2 ambulances and a first responder car outside our house. They were quick to check Neil over and get him wrapped up. His oxygen saturation levels were low and his temperature had dropped to 33 degrees (It should be around 37 degrees).

It turned out to be bronchiolitis and Neil needed another week at the hospital to recover. Without my husband’s quick reaction and training on how to do CPR on a baby we may not have our son with us still today. Both of them have superhero status to me!

Two grandad’s who also play a key role

Neil with one of his Grandad's
Neil with one of his Grandad’s

Neil also has 2 doting Grandad’s who play a key role in his life. These are two other relationships that I love to see growing and flourishing. Neil is a much loved little boy and is quite the lovable character! I am thankful for all three of these men and the role they play in my son’s life (even if it is teaching him the occasional bit of mischief!).

Neil with his other Grandad
Neil with his other Grandad

We weren’t on the Neonatal Unit for Father’s Day but I imagine it’s just as difficult as any other significant date in the calendar. So today I will be helping Neil to celebrate Father’s Day but also thinking of all the other Dad’s on the neonatal units watching over and caring for their little NICU warriors.

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