Reading to a premature baby has a lot of benefits so each month Presents For Preemies features a different book. This months author has been featured before with her book Pete the Cheeky Parakeet. This months book of the month is The Silly Book of Rhymes by the lovely Cheryl Lee-White.

Studies show that parents reading to their premature baby has many benefits. Here are a few: reading to your baby can calm them down. They get to hear familiar voices in an unfamiliar setting. A calmer baby can lead to steadier heartbeats and improved oxygen saturation levels. Studies revealed that preemies that were read to had improved communication skills when they were older than the preemies not read to. It also gives parents something to do on their visit, that feels useful!

Young boy laughing and holding a book. Photography credit: Ben White
Young boy laughing and holding a book. Photography credit: Ben White

More about The Silly Book of Rhymes

Cheryl’s new book is full of short silly rhymes to help bring laughter into story time. An interesting fact about Cheryl is that she is dyslexic and knows all to well the struggles reading can bring. She wanted to create a book to help other children that find reading a struggle.

The rhymes in this book are all short and easy to read. They can be read in any order which means children can dip in and out of the book with ease. They are funny and a little bit silly to help keep children engaged with the book.

An amazing thing about this book is the text font used, it is a special font that helps children with dyslexia read it more easily. This really intrigued me as I have a few family members who are dyslexic. This BBC article explains more about fonts that help people who are dyslexic.

A page from The Book of Silly Rhymes by Cheryl Lee-White
A page from The Book of Silly Rhymes by Cheryl Lee-White

The book contains 37 rhymes that will have children giggling away and there is even some activity pages at the back of the book. The book is aimed at children aged 7 to 11 years old. A preemie doesn’t mind though what is read to them! If you have older children maybe they can get involved by recording one of the silly rhymes that the parents can then play on their next visit.

There is an illustration drawn for every rhyme drawn by illustrator Louise Rarity. The illustrations are colourful and fun which brings the characters in the rhymes to life

The Book of Silly Rhymes is arriving in June!

The book is due to be released on the 20th June. You can pre-order a copy of the book on Amazon here.

Cheryl also writes a parents blog that you can find at

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