The premature baby girl’s memory box hamper


It can be hard to find a meaningful and practical gift for an early arrival which is why we have put together this memory box hamper packed with all the essentials and thoughtful extras to help mum and dad navigate through the roller coaster first few weeks and months.

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Your hamper will include:

  • Memory box – to forever hold those treasured keepsakes and celebrated milestones.
  • Full pack of size 0 nappies – an absolute essential everyday item
  • A teddy bear – brightens up their incubator making it a friendlier place but is appropriately sized to not be in the way if doctors and nurses need space to work and tend to baby.
  • 3 books – Studies show that reading to a premature baby can help parents to bond with their baby as well as giving them something to do during their visit, it can also calm baby as they get to hear the familiar voices of their parents.
  • Vaseline – a gentle alternative rather than doctors and nurses applying pressure to stop any bleeding caused by the many needles baby is poked with.
  • BabyPrem mittens – premature babies have no control over their movement but tend to grab things and pull, mittens will help prevent little hands grabbing things they shouldn’t!
  • BabyPrem vest – this vest is designed so that it is easy to put on, it provides outlets for all the wires attached to monitor baby and, if necessary, the well placed poppers allow the doctors and nurses quick and easy access.
  • Muslin cloth – can be used to make up babies bed and get them familiar with the smell of home. Also they can come in very useful when feeds are introduced!

*Due to stockist availability some items may differ but a replacement similar item will be used that is the same or greater in value

£1 from every box will be donated to premature baby related charity. Check the blog for updates on which charities!

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