Jasper the Firefighting Dragon


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This beautiful book by Val Blackburn tells the tale of Jasper the Firefighting Dragon who isn’t like other dragons. Jasper is different as he cannot breathe fire. Find out what happens in Huffenpuffen Valley when a water breathing dragon comes along… 

This children’s book is brilliantly written and illustrated with a really important message that being different is OK. The people in the village of Huffenpuffen reject Jasper to start with. However in this heart-warming story soon accept his differences and realise how his uniqueness can help them.

The author Val Blackburn lives in London with her four girls (two of which are twins) and her husband. Val has a flair for story telling and is always making stories up for her girls. When she told them the story of Jasper they asked to see the pictures. Val decided that this story needed to come to life and so decided to get Jasper the Firefighting Dragon published.

Jasper the Firefighting Dragon is the first book in this gorgeous series of books. If you want to get to know the author Val Blackburn a little better then head over to our blog by clicking this link.


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