Lots of people that I meet are intrigued with Presents For Preemies and what I am doing. After a few minutes a common question is “how do you fit it all in?!” In truth I am honestly not sure!

The routine

Many don’t know that I also have a full time job where I work in an office. My day starts at 6.30am where I get me and my little boy ready. I then drop him off with his childminder and head to work from 8am until 5pm. Then I collect my little boy, my husband cooks, we both then spend time with our son. Shortly after that it’s time for the bath and bed routine. Bath and bed is usually done by 8pm.

Me reading to my little boy at 18 months old
Me reading to my little boy at 18 months old.
Photography credit: Vivienne Guy

This gives me a few hours to prep for the next day – sorting packed lunches and making sure bags are packed and good to go the following morning. Then I work on Presents For Preemies! I update you all on Facebook and Instagram with things that are coming up, information you might find useful, things I’ve found amusing and gifts I have sourced that I believe to be thoughtful and useful for premature babies.

I also write a few blogs every month. This is something I love to do as I can give you lots of information at once and it is becoming a useful resource to link people too who want to know more on particular topics! I also look for guests to feature who I think have valuable information. Or who have had a premature baby and would like to share their story. I also do guest blogs to help raise awareness around what it’s like to have a premature baby.

All about the gifts

The first gift I put together was the memory box hampers. I am very proud of these as I’ve managed to pack them full of gifts that can be used immediately. Click here to see the gifts available. I had to put such a lot of the gifts that we were given away as I couldn’t use them. I still needed things but family and friends just didn’t know what! These are my favourite gifts to put together and post out. I will be donating £1 to a charity that helps premature babies from every memory box hamper sold. There are a lot of amazing preemie charities out there so I will be looking into helping out a different one each year.

Me putting together a memory box hamper. Photography credit: Vivienne Guy
Me putting together a memory box hamper.
Photography credit: Vivienne Guy

I also look for beautiful gifts and talk to the individuals that make or supply them to see if we are a good fit to work together. There are so many people out there that have amazing talents with gifts that are perfect and thoughtful for a premature baby and their parents.

The techy stuff

I regularly update my Presents For Preemies website with new gifts and new blogs. However, I am not a very techy person so updating the site does take me a while! I’m starting to do more videos too so watch this space to see more of me in person (as it’s more tech for me to get my head round you might have to bare with me for a few weeks before seeing much).

I get in touch with different children’s authors to see if they would like me to feature their children’s book as book of the month. I’ve met so many amazing and talented authors and I absolutely love to read and find i have less and less time to do so. I make time to read with my little boy though so this is definitely one of my highlights each month!

Being a shift workers wife does have a few advantages after all I suppose! I can do all this a couple of evenings a week uninterrupted…  who am I kidding, I have a toddler! Let me amend that to – I can do all this a couple of evenings a week with a few little interruptions added in here and there!