My son was 5 days old and I was being discharged from the hospital. I had really mixed feelings about this, on the one hand I would have all my home comforts back. A comfy sofa and bed to recover on, the kitchen was closer for me to make that all important cup of tea and it would be more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of the hospital. On the other hand I couldn’t drive yet. I couldn’t see my little boy whenever I wanted. The ward was at full capacity so I couldn’t stay any longer. I told the NICU staff that I was going home and they told me I could now start bringing in a few preemie essentials.

Buying the essentials

Me and my husband hadn’t realised that we were supposed to supply nappies and cotton balls for our son. The hospital had supplied them so far and it hadn’t occurred to us that we would need to supply them. It had not crossed our minds at all! I suddenly felt so guilty, of course I was supposed to buy the basics. I was starting to give myself a hard time but was quickly reminded that I hadn’t been able to get out and about to buy such things. Luckily my Mum was on to it and found out that the shop in the maternity building sold nappies and cotton balls so we could leave a small supply.

size 0 nappies and cotton balls
Preemie essentials: size 0 nappies and cotton balls

It sounds really strange but being given that responsibility, even though I needed help from my mum, it felt good. For the first time I felt like a proper mum that was needed for a parental duty. I think the nurses realised this too and later that day, for the first time, I was allowed to touch my little boy and hold his hand with my finger. Even though he was on a high dose of morphine I couldn’t stroke him like I instinctively wanted to. Stroking a premature baby’s fragile skin can hurt them. It was an instinct I could easily fight in order to have that first little bit of contact. Five days of staring through incubator walls and watching the nurses care for him had been hard.

Babies hand hold a parents finger
Babies hand hold a parents finger

The smallest nappies available

The smallest nappies available are size 0. You may have seen the Pampers advert for premature baby nappies. That advert never fails to bring a tear to my eye every time I hear the music for it! Click here if you haven’t seen it. A few nappy companies do preemie sized nappies now but none of them sell these nappies to the public. Pampers and other nappy brands choose to supply hospitals with their specialist preemie nappies but there are generally not enough to consistently supply every baby for the whole of their NICU stay. 

Premature babies seem to be in size 0 nappies for ages and for such tiny things they get through plenty of cotton balls too! These might not seem like exciting gifts but they will be much appreciated by mum and dad. All the hampers we put together include a pack of size 0 nappies. Click here to see the gift page.