Written by Lisa and Stacey

We can proudly announce that our NICU diaries are ready to purchase through Amazon YAY (insert little happy dance hehe)! It’s super exciting to finally have the finished product in our hands. The diaries include some characters that were created just for us at Presents for Preemies by the very talented Kerri Awosile.

We absolutely loved the creations and thought they were perfect, we fell in love with them instantly! Kerri had free reign over the designs, the only thing we said was the colour purple represents prematurity. You will notice that each character has a purple love heart on them to represent this. The characters were all Kerri’s idea but we just knew they were the perfect choices when we sat and thought about the traits of each character and compared them to a preemie.

The characters

The duckling

If mummy ducks are unable to look after their eggs or farmers are wanting the eggs to be chicks they put them in incubators. They spend a lot of time in there. Only coming out when they are strong enough for the world around them. The story of the ugly duckling also springs to mind (to be clear we are not saying preemies are ugly!) but the duckling in the story is different to his brothers and sisters and has a tough start in life. However, he grows up to be a beautiful swan. Ruby Flew is also a duckling story that Stacey has read with her boys. Ruby is a duckling who didn’t meet the milestones like her siblings but always met them in her own time. She eventually grew above and beyond what was expected and was ready to fly the nest, just like our preemies do!

The giraffe

A creature that stands tall and proud. Mummy giraffes give birth standing up. A baby giraffe comes into the world with a heck of a bump (dropping about 1.5 metres!). They are resilient though and within 30 minutes can stand and a few hours later run. Preemies enter this world early and learn to do so much by the time they reach their term gestational age. They may have established feeding, have a sleeping routine and a bond with the people around them. Compared to a term new born who still has all this to learn! Although this character probably resonates more with us mummy’s as giraffe’s only need between 5 and 30 minutes of sleep every 24 hours and happily do this with 2 to 3 minute naps throughout the day, haha!

The dinosaur

Dinosaurs are often associated with strength and having a mighty roar. The strength that preemies show during their neonatal stays is just incredible. They might not roar to start with but most eventually get a good demonstration in of a good loud cry at some point! A term often used to describe a premature baby is “tiny but mighty”. We feel this dino character really reflects a lot of preemies including our own!

Presents for Preemies - duckling, giraffe and dinosaur. Artist: Kerri Awosile
Presents for Preemies – duckling, giraffe and dinosaur. Artist: Kerri Awosile

What’s in the NICU diaries and where can you find them?

Our NICU Diaries are available to purchase on Amazon:

Green diary with duckling, dinosaur and giraffe
White diary with duckling, dinosaur and giraffe
Duckling diary
Dinosaur diary
Giraffe diary

We will be including a diary in every Preemie memory gift box as well. Also look out in our Preemie Support Village for opportunities to vote for a NICU to receive some FREE Diaries too!!

The NICU diaries have space to document 8 weeks of you and your baby’s neonatal stay. There’s space for any extra notes you want to add. Pages for you to add photos to capture those special moments. We also included a few preemie milestone cards as we know how important it is to celebrate those milestones. A ‘when I was born’ page to record all the birth details and a going home page so you can see the difference and marvel at your little ones progress. There’s a NICU graduation certificate to mark that exciting and special day. Lisa’s little boy came home on a lot of medication so 2 medication charts have been included so that you can keep track of any medication you need to administer at home more easily too.

We have loved creating the NICU diaries and wish we’d have had them when our little ones were born. We really hope you love them as much as we do!

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