I can’t quite believe we are in 2019 already! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. We had a great festive period with no hospital admittance’s in sight! This is huge progress in the premature baby world. If you saw my previous blog then you will know that Neil did get a chest infection which is now clearing up (just got to get rid of the barking cough!)

Digital Background by Tara Mapes. Photography credit: Vivienne Guy
Digital Background by Tara Mapes. Photography credit: Vivienne Guy

Looking back on last year

Last year was amazing for me. Setting up Presents For Preemies has been an incredible and rewarding experience. I knew at the end of my maternity leave in September 2017 that I wanted to work for myself and I knew that I wanted to somehow give back to the neonatal world and raise awareness around what it is like to have a premature baby. I still work full time but from your feedback so far I seem to be doing well so have every intention to keep going.

I joined a few groups on Facebook that I never knew existed or even thought to seek out before. I found a particular group that I resonated with and soon it became very clear to me what I wanted to do.

I have loved every minute of my journey so far. I have learnt so many new skills and I have had amazing feedback from complete strangers as well as family and friends and coming through loudly is how much you like that I have been able to be really open and honest about my experience. I want to thank everyone who has followed and supported me so far, I can’t fully express to you how much I appreciate it.

A quick round up:

I became an Amazon number one best-selling author, you can go to the book here. I was a guest blogger for a lot of amazing businesses and blogs which helped me raise a lot more awareness around premature babies. I got to meet some incredible children’s authors and I have collaborated with a few fabulous people. I brought to you a few products I believe to be perfect for premature babies. I feel I have learnt so much (but know I have a lot more to learn) and will continue doing that this year.

Amazon number 1 bestseller gold badge - book
Amazon number 1 bestseller – book


So what is set to happen this year?! A lot of new things as well as continuing with a few things you loved from last year. So each month I will feature a new book and let you get to know the authors (look out for some familiar authors with new books!), I will see you on Facebook and Instagram and of course I will be writing regularly on this blog. 

What new things are coming your way? I plan to be on Pintrest a lot more. Lots of new products will be available, I am already collaborating with some incredible businesses and I can’t wait to tell you all more. Some of you have said that videos are easier for you than reading content (I am a little camera shy but just for you I will get in front of the camera more!) so look out for more Facebook lives, IGTV episodes and Insta stories.

I will also be bringing in more guest blogs so you hear of other parents experiences of having a premature baby as well as products and services I think are really useful to know about.

What you found useful

A lot of you found the blogs really useful such as Jacky Farbrace from Confident Cook (here) giving meal ideas, Alison Winters from Pet Potential (here) about how to introduce your dog to a new arrival and Izzy Proudfoot from Izzy Proudfoot Photography who specialises in NICU photography in Lancashire (here).

As you can tell I have lots planned! So I am going to wish you a happy and healthy new year and sign off here to start taking action on some of these plans!