Written by Rachel Brown

Who am I?

My name is Rachel Brown, a holistic therapist and Natural Fertility Specialist. I started out my career in pharmacy as an advocate of orthodox medicine, but as a result of my own health issues I turned to natural healing and discovered that combining traditional medicine and holistic therapy could offer a better, more balanced approach with long term wellness benefits.

In my early 30’s I put this into practice when my husband and I found ourselves unable to conceive naturally and so turned to IVF. I experienced the emotional roller coaster and what it’s like to feel inadequate, a failure; yet despite my first round not working, I decided to approach the next round with a natural health focus at the same time. By practising my own self-care and natural health my stress levels reduced, I felt emotionally and physically ready and I am now proud mum to 2 wonderful boys. It’s time for me to give something back!

Are you on a fertility journey?

If you have been trying to conceive for some time, you’ll know the agony and emotional impact from month after month of negative results.

Whether you face natural conception issues, IVF, or other issues that are impacting you, the mental and physical stress on your body and home life are enormous.

Fertility Natural Health Therapy is as it says, a natural treatment that can support you during this time and help you on your fertility journey.

Beautiful hands heart
Beautiful hands heart

Of course, no holistic therapy can diagnose or cure medical conditions or replace any medical care you are under. You should always consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns. There are also no pregnancy guarantees from receiving this treatment. However, this beautiful therapy will support you to better cope with the emotional strain and it will help you relax, release tension and trapped emotions, bringing harmony and balance back to your body.

What does Fertility Natural Health Therapy involve?

Created by Claire Spink (as Fertility Massage Therapy™) this therapy involves massage, energy work, visualisations and a beautiful wrapping ceremony using a traditional scarf woven and used by Mexican women. You will also receive support to reduce various stresses that may also be having an impact such as psychological, physiological, environmental and nutritional stress.

Womb massage
Womb massage

The basis of the massage therapy is an abdominal sacral massage, which is deep, non-invasive and works over the sacral, abdominal and digestive areas.

Why? Because all the nerves and muscles in these areas are linked. If one is out of position, blocked or affected by scar tissue, it can disrupt all the others and in turn affect the rest of the body. By working these areas it helps to release any tension and blockages, break down scar tissue, improve circulation and restore balance.

How massage helps each area of the abdomen

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is found in your digestive system?  As female reproductive issues are often linked to stress and immunological problems, work on this area can therefore help to boost your immunity.

Belly massage
Belly massage

The reproductive organs are also the only organs in your body that are dispensable hence they will be the first to shut down when your body is not functioning properly.  It is therefore important to treat the whole body, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is where the other techniques, such as pulsing and the use of rebozos, when used in conjunction with the massage is so powerful.


Pulsing is a technique that involves the therapist gently pushing you from side to side whilst you are lying down. This “rocking” is performed at a similar rate to the heartbeat of a baby in the womb and is carried out at various positions along each side of you. Physically, pulsing improves blood and lymph flow throughout the body,  helps digestion and releases tension in muscles and organs. From an emotional point of view pulsing can aid in releasing physical manifestations of emotional traumas.

Rebozo picture. Photography credit: elrhophoto
Rebozo picture. Photography credit: elrhophoto

Often women can disconnect from their body for whatever reason and lose their sense of femininity. The rebozo is used to help women reconnect to themselves. The scarf wraps about the body and becomes an extension of the therapist’s arms. The patient is gently rocked creating a feeling similar to the way a baby feels in a sling. At the end of the treatment the client is wrapped in the rebozos, which helps to centre their energy and make them feel safe and cocooned, grounded and loved.

In addition to these techniques, visualisations and energy work are also used. Many of our emotions are held in our stomach and womb. They can be deep-seated, hidden in our subconscious, but can be directly linked to the issues causing our infertility. Energy work and visualisations, can  help to release these emotions and reconnect you to  your body and especially your womb.

Fertility massage photo. Photography credit: elrhophoto
Fertility massage photo. Photography credit: elrhophoto

The results of the Fertility Natural Health Programme

As you can see, this therapy is far more than just a physical treatment. It is truly holistic working on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Wherever you are on  your reproductive journey, you will benefit from this incredibly powerful therapy, helping you feel supported, nurtured and nourished. You will find the space to relax release tension and any trapped emotions. Over time treatment will help to bring about harmony and balance, re awakening and reconnecting you to your body and womb, restoring your soul.

Where can I find support?

There are a growing number of fertility massage specialists around the country; you can find you nearest practitioner on the UK fertility massage site www.fertilitymassage.co.uk

I also offer a 12 week Flourish to Fertility online group or 1:1 programme that provides step by step actions to create a positive outlook, a deep understanding of yourself and a healthy and welcoming environment for realising your baby dreams. It covers 6 aspects of your health and well-being – nutrition, mindset, relationships, self-care and monitoring, lifestyle and environmental awareness.

When you are on a fertility journey, if you have a roadmap that guides you through every area of your life, you can create the healthiest, best version of you, a life that you love and one that is in optimal condition for receiving new life .

Each of you will come across obstacles on your journey and each of you will follow a different path to reach your goal but the roadmap will help you navigate whatever comes up .

Before you even start on your journey you need to believe in yourself, believe you can reach your destination. Then you need to love yourself and understand that you are truly worthy, no matter what you may come across.

Once you have that you can set off on your journey with positivity and determination knowing that you have everything you need to realise your dreams.

The Flourish to Fertility Blueprint

If you would like a copy of my signature system, The Flourish to Fertility Blueprint, to help you rebalance your body and mind and enable you to enhance your physical state, mental resilience and spiritual calm in order to optimise your health and enhance your chances of conceiving, then please click here (NB the next group programme starts on 12th January 2020)

Each and every woman is unique. You all have a life story that has led you to be the person you are today. You are all beautiful and wise but sometimes may lose sight of this. Together we can work to create a personalized programme that supports you to move forward with joy and ease.

I would love to work with you so if you would like to find out more my contact details are:

Email: info@thehandfnature.co.uk,

Website: www.thehandofnature.co.uk

Private Facebook community, Blossom and Bloom fertility (www.facebook.com/groups/blossomandbloomfertility) where I share hints, tips, inspiration and live training to support you on your journey.