I have loved getting to know a little bit about this month’s author Charlotte Olsen who turns out was born very prematurely herself. I love this monthly feature as reading to all children is beneficial but studies about reading to preemies make really interesting reading.

Reading has been shown to help calm premature babies down as they hear the familiar voices of their parents. Compared to preemies that are not read to preemies that were read to developed better communication skills when they were older. Also it gives preemie parents something to do on their visit that feels useful and not like a ‘filler’ task. I hope you enjoy this month’s author and her Suzie book series!

Written by Charlotte Olsen

Hello everyone my name is Charlotte Olson and I came into this world at 23 weeks, so 17 weeks premature. My weight was 1lb 11 oz, you have to remember that this was way back in the 70’s.In December 1973 to be precise! The actual due date for me was in April 1974, so for back then, and obviously for now, it must have been quite a traumatic time for my parents.

My Mum says that I was baptised straight away as they didn’t think I was going to make it and that my heart stopped three times. I remember my Dad saying to me that he said that I looked like a skinned rabbit and how small I looked in the palm of the doctor’s hand.

Here I am today to tell my story and introduce you to my life today! I have two wonderful children, who are my world, a girl who is nearly 21 and a boy who will soon be 19. My son has a diagnosis of Autism and I left my teaching assistant’s job 9 years ago and decided to start writing stories, which would help other children cope and manage new experiences.

Children with Autism find change and new things daunting, so if Suzie and Sammy can help prepare them and ease any anxieties, then that has got to be a good thing!

I have 10 titles to date, they are:

  • Suzie goes on an Aeroplane
  • Sammy goes on an Aeroplane
  • Suzie goes to School
  • Suzie’s Toilet Time
  • Suzie’s Dressing up Day.
  • Suzie goes to a Funeral
  • Sammy’s New food week
  • Suzie goes to the Hairdresser
  • Suzie’s Christmas Time
The Suzie series of books written by Charlotte Olsen
The Suzie series of books written by Charlotte Olsen

Learning about Autism with Suzie and Cruzie (co written with another Autism family). The Aeroplane books have been great success in helping prepare children for the Airport experience and with flying. We have 7 Airports currently using them by handing them out to children who need them and we have also had an International airport buy some too. Suzie goes on an Aeroplane has been animated by a company in London and back in 2017, for the summer, we were lucky enough to have it on-board the air crafts.

We have partnered with them again this year and are really excited to be going on-board again and on their website but this time, for a whole year.
So if you see Suzie, let us know!

Learning about autism with Suzie and Cruzie. Written by Charlotte Olsen
Learning about autism with Suzie and Cruzie. Written by Charlotte Olsen and Sienna Manuel

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you have enjoyed it, for further information, please go to www.suziebooks.co.uk.
With my best wishes,
Author and founder of the Suziebooks series.