I recently looked into preemie groups for families and parents of premature babies. There are a few for parents but absolutely none for extended families. I completely get that the parents need the most support but I thought that one for families might be nice so they have a space to find out more about preemies and what it’s like. There are preemie parent support groups out there but not many.

So this got me thinking about what I could do. I came to the conclusion that I could set up these preemie groups and try and make them feel like a real community. After all the saying goes that it takes a village to raise children. Not everyone has an actual village though but a virtual village can be the next best thing.

The aim of the groups are to support, educate and to share celebrations as well as heart break. The most important thing is to create an environment that feels safe to do all this. I think that I can do this so I will be setting up 2 groups!

Two people reaching out holding hands. Photography credit: Remi Walle
Two people reaching out holding hands. Photography credit: Remi Walle

Preemie parent community (UK)

I know having a space to talk with others going through a similar experience can be invaluable. I want this to be a space where people can build friendships, share highs and lows as well as get support.

I hope you will share your experiences and I will be sharing mine. I will also share different blogs, articles, and information that might be helpful but I’m happy for anyone else to do the same! Anything that helps others is all good in my book.

Preemie support community (UK)

One thing I noticed was the lack of support for grandparents, auntie’s, uncles, cousins and friends. They really want to understand what is going on in a premature baby’s world so they can try and support their loved ones but often they don’t know where to start!

I want this to change so I’m inviting you to join this group to give you a friendly and supportive space to find out more about premature babies and what their parents are likely to be going through! I will share my experience, blogs, articles and information and invite you to ask questions and share your experiences. 

The rules

Lots of groups have a never ending list of rules (that most people never read). The rules for this one are simple and common sense. This is why I think there only needs to be a couple (some are standard Facebook rules).

No swapping medication! I was genuinely amazed at the amount of people in other groups that did this. If you are worried about your child go through the channels available to you e.g. NICU, GP, children’s ward etc. have advised you to. The wrong medication in the wrong hands can have devastating effects. This is to protect you and your little ones, not me being difficult.

Preemie group host Lisa Norman. Photography credit: Vivienne Guy
Preemie group host Lisa Norman. Photography credit: Vivienne Guy

Standard Facebook rules – Be kind and courteous, no hate speech or bullying, respect everyone’s privacy.

I did mention they were simple and common sense!

The groups are set up and ready!

The groups are on Facebook and are ready for you to come and join us. I would genuinely love to see you in there so you can help me build a safe online community that will help support each other through the preemie journey no matter where you are on that journey. You could be 1 day into it or 30 years into it!

Here are the links to the preemie groups: