Written by Izzy Proudfoot

In a nutshell, I’m Izzy Proudfoot of Izzy Proudfoot Photography- if that name hasn’t given it away, I’m a photographer. I’m a wife and I’m a mother of two small children. I have a brand new business and my goal is to keep prices as low as possible but still be able to afford to feed my children.

I started out as a normal mum, I was a stay at home, full-time mum. I was fired from my previous job for going on maternity leave, I know I’m not alone there! Almost three years have passed and other than being a part-time secretary for my husband’s company I wasn’t able to find a job that was flexible with my children.

My husband would wake up at 5.30 am leave the house by 6am, travel to Manchester and be home any time from 6.40pm until 9pm. When I was applying for jobs they just didn’t provide the flexibility for me to be ‘a single parent’ I would need to be able to drop my children off at child care and then also pick them up and these companies wanted people who were going to work 7am-7pm.

Where it all began

Whilst I was at home with the children I decided to start taking photos of them and blogging, I received a lot of interaction from people and companies about my children. My husband bought me a DSLR (type of camera) and I started snapping away, companies wanted to send us free things for me to take photos of with my children and sometime companies would pay us to do this. Some of the companies were Sleepyhead of Sweden, Funky Giraffe, Ergo Pouch, Scratch me not, Birds Eye, Mam, Minoti, the list really does go on.

Photo by photographer Izzy Proudfoot of a little boy wearing a crown made of leaves
Leaf crown

From this friends and family started to offer me money to take photos. It was something that worked around my children, it worked with being a mother, it was flexible and most of all it was fun. So September 2018 I decided to start my own photography business.

Izzy Proudfoot Photography

It hasn’t been straight forward, there are hurdles with starting a business, costs, insurance, time… but it works for now and my family. Hopefully it will be something that continues to work and grow. I’ve found the hardest thing so far is making people aware that ‘I’m here’ and the services I offer.

Photograph by Izzy Proudfoot. A happy baby in a pumpkin patch
Baby in a pumpkin patch

I know when I hear someone telling my they do family photos or wedding photos I immediately stop listening because I know as a mother with two kids I can’t afford that. As a mother I don’t have those photos of me and them, photos of our sweetest times together, I know a lot of mothers are in the same situation which is why I aim to keep costs low and I have no hidden catch or agenda. I don’t even water mark my photos because even though I took them, they’re your photos of your moments together.

Keeping prices low in and around Preston I do family shoots for £50 and you receive 40 edited digital photos. I do other areas but the prices are a bit different. I offer optional extras like A3 prints, Christmas cards but there is nothing stopping you printing them yourself or at the supermarket. They are your photos, I won’t be offended if you chose to do that.

Photograph by Izzy Proudfoot. Little baby girl watching bubbles in the garden
Little baby girl watching bubbles in the garden

Capturing memories and moments

With photography I don’t capture photos, I capture memories and moments. I try to do something good with that so I offer two very low packages I do ‘Last Chance photos’ and ‘NICU photos’ each are £20.

Last Chance is if anyone you love is terminally ill. I know first hand how incredibly hard it is to lose your loved ones things like photos of you together- if you’re lucky to have some- become your most cherished possessions. So I offer to come to your home or the hospital and take photos of you together or your entire family if you like of you with this loved one giving you something to cherish. I only do this around Preston and close surrounding areas though.

Why specialise in NICU photography

NICU photos is something very close to my heart. When my daughter was born we were discharged five hours after, the next day I noticed she was yellow and asked the midwives to come and visit. They noticed I was very unwell and sent us both back to be assessed. Because we had been discharged we were admitted to the children’s ward instead of the NICU.

Photograph by Izzy Proudfoot. Premature baby holding a rainbow coloured preemie octopus
Premature baby holding a preemie octopus

My daughter was in for a week, she was hooked up to the heart rate monitor, an oxygen cannula, she had a cannula in her hand and she needed chest x-rays. I began to think we would never make it out of there. I had a another child at home who I was unable to see because I was too sick as well, I felt incredibly guilty and sad.

Although we never experienced the NICU spending that first week of her life in hospital is something that will stay with me forever. It was a very dark time and nothing good or nice happened, it was very lonely.

I take photo’s of those strong, brave babies

I offer NICU photos where I take photo’s of those strong, brave babies for the family so they have something good happening in a time that is so hard for them. They are £20 and they get edited digital photos, there is no hidden costs, no agenda, I just wanted to do something nice.

I would do them all free if I could but I still have two small mouth to feed at home. Ideally I’d like to offer to go in the hospital for £20 and as many families that were there that wanted a photo grouped that together (so they might pay £1 if 19 other families there wanted photos)- so in essence it would be £20 and I would take photos of all the babies there if they wanted. I figure if I’m already there, why not!? This is something I can currently only offer in Preston.

So that’s me, I do other types of photography. Wedding, model, newborn, maternity, girls night in party packages (you get complete make-overs!) business photos and more.

Iconic recreation photo woman sat on the floor playing a card game
Iconic recreation photo

Even though I offer many different types my heart is in family photography, last chance and NICU.

Where you can fin Izzy

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