Written by Stacey Matthews

As you might have guessed, from recent posts on social media, there have been a few changes at Presents for Preemies HQ. For the last few months, I have been working with Lisa behind the scenes at Presents for Preemies, so we thought it was about time that I introduce myself.

So, Hey I’m Stacey the new addition to Presents for Preemies HQ and I am thrilled to be part of this incredible mission.

How did we meet?

I first met Lisa virtually in 2018 and we instantly became friends. Not only did Lisa support me through navigating preemie parenthood. She also encouraged me to Co Author in the 4th Mumpreneur on fire series and by chance, we became accountability partners soon after, as we started to grow our own businesses.

As a preemie mum myself, I loved the concept of Presents for Preemies and have always been passionate about seeing this business thrive, so I was absolutely thrilled back in February, when Lisa asked me if I would like to make Presents for Preemies a joint venture!!!

A little bit about me.

I’m a Mumma to 4 crazy but beautiful little boys and did not expect to welcome our 4th bubba just over 7 weeks early back in January 2018 after carrying our 3 older boys to term. Keagan was born at 32+6 following a foetal-maternal haemorrhage you can read our birth story here.

Stacey Matthews: Cuddles with her premature baby, Keagan
Stacey Matthews: Cuddles with her premature baby, Keagan

I’m 29, wife to Dan, a husky Mumma, stationary addict and hot chocolate lover. (A good piece of cake can usually be found alongside it too, any flavour, I’m not fussy I just love food! Hehe)

Before Presents for Preemies

Previously to joining Lisa, I ran a group for mums called Becoming Mum where I supported mums on their motherhood journey. Through sharing my own experiences and also providing advice and guidance from the personal development training I had learned over the years, that had been vital in helping me step into my mum role.

I am excited to merge our two biz babies together and super thankful to Lisa for the opportunity to join her in expanding Presents for Preemies. Our differing characters complement each other really well and between us both we have lots of incredible (and probably a few crazy) ideas to bring into fruition for you all.

What do I want to bring to Presents for Preemies?

As a resilience practitioner and fellow preemie mum, my aim is to offer support and resilience skills to other preemie mums in addition to our beautiful preemie gifts, as I truly believe the best Present you can give your Preemie is a happy, adaptable, self-aware Mumma!!

Premature baby gift hamper
Premature baby gift hamper. Photography credit: Vivienne Guy

I am super excited about the future of Presents for Preemies and hope that through this collaboration, Lisa and I can help other Preemie Parents navigate this new phase of their life.

Here at Presents for Preemies, we are with you every step of the way.

For further support join our New Community group here. We cannot wait to get to know you.

You can also check out our latest gift options here. New products and services coming soon!!

Did you see…

That our NICU diaries are now available on Amazon! There are 5 diaries to choose from:

Green diary with duckling, dinosaur and giraffe
White diary with duckling, dinosaur and giraffe
Duckling diary
Dinosaur diary
Giraffe diary