We all realise that all events need to look a little different this year. The next one on the social calendar is Halloween later this week. We realised here a Presents For Preemies HQ that you might need some ideas. If you are on the neonatal unit then the staff usually find inventive and creative ways to mark these social events so that a little normality creeps into an unnormal situation.

For older preemies and siblings though you might be looking for a few other ideas so that you can still have a little fun.

Halloween films and TV

Many love a good film and there are plenty of films that little ones can watch too. Scooby Doo and the gang usually have a few ghosts and ghouls chasing them. The Addams Family is an old family favourite that usually makes and appearance around this time of year along with Roald Dahl’s classic The Witches. Hocus Pocus is also popular viewing at this time of year. Harry Potter has that magical feel which is loved by so many too.

All your little ones favourite shows will have a Halloween episode that you can enjoy. Paw Patrol, Pepper Pig, Fireman Sam and Bing are just a few!

Failing all that then Strictly Come Dancing Halloween special is always a good family favourite and this year Halloween is on a Saturday (Lisa might be on her own watching this one in her house but she will love every second of it!)

Happy Halloween sign. Photography credit: Mel Poole
Happy Halloween sign. Photography credit: Mel Poole

Halloween arts and craft

YouTube is Lisa’s go to for all things crafty. This definitely more Stacey’s thing! Lisa did see recently a rather cute pumpkin made by a baby’s bum being painted orange and the baby then being sat down onto a page (she didn’t ask how many attempts it took though). Another one for the younger ones is white handprints on black card. Turn the card so the fingers are pointing down and add a face in black marker to the palm of the hand.

For the older ones a witch/wizards hat can be fun to make. Roll a piece of black card from corner to corner so that you get the pointy part of the hat. Place on your child’s head to get the sizing right and tape on place. Next draw round a dinner plate and cut out the circle. Then put the cone part you’ve just made that is made to measure for your child. Draw a circle inside the circle you have just drawn and cut this circle out. Then cut lines from the inside of the circle you have just cut out to the circle line you drew of your child’s measure out cone size. These bits will become flaps so that you can glue/tape the hat rim to the cone part of the hat. Then let your child have fun decorating the hat!

Pumpkin carving

This can be tricky even for the adults. If you have really little ones then buy some pumpkin stickers. There are usually some in supermarkets or online where you can do a stick on face. Kids seem to love stickers so you will probably end up with as many on them as you do the pumpkin.

Baby in a pumpkin hat. Photography credit: Omar Lopez
Baby in a pumpkin hat. Photography credit: Omar Lopez

If you brave cutting a face into your pumpkin, we would love to see your creations. Once you have finished with your pumpkin see what recipes you could have a go at.

Or you can forget the pumpkin recipes and feed the birds for a week with the pumpkin and have a go at baking cakes. Who can decorate their cake the scariest in your family?

Halloween scavenger hunt

Usually these are done at Easter but this year is all kinds of different so knocking on doors will probably be frowned upon or against Covid-19 safety rules/legislation. You could still go for a bit of a walk and see how people have decorated their homes. Create a checklist and get your kids to tick off what they see. If you are in the Preemie Support Village then we have created a checklist for you to download.

Another idea is to hide some treats around the house for you children to find and collect. Not quite trick or treating but you can control what sweets they get and how many. Or you might choose other treats not sweetie related!

Halloween games!

We realise that this one may be a little controversial but we are confident that the loo roll situation has moved on a lot from March this year. So if you have a few rolls spare you can see who in your house looks like the best loo roll mummy!

A different take on pin the tail on the donkey is pin the smile on the skeleton or pin the hat on the witch.

Did you see…

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