Keagan was nearly one when we had our first Christmas together. Knowing what to buy for him was really tricky. Did we buy things for his actual age or his corrected? Some of the things we had in mind were too big for him to use as he was still on the small side. We are just approaching our second Christmas and he is still quite dinky, so we are experiencing the same dilemmas again. Some preemies may have other health conditions or developmental delays that could affect the Christmas gift shopping too. So we put together this top 10 gift ideas for your premature baby’s first Christmas, to help give you a few ideas.

TOP 10 Gift Ideas for a premature baby’s first Christmas!

  1. Books – You can never have too many books! Regardless to how big or small your baby is or whether they have an ongoing health issue, disability or developmental delay, there is a book suitable for everyone! We have a few suggestions on our gift page.
  2. Clothing– Yes boring I know, but all preemies need clothing. Buying the next size up either for your own preemie or requested as a gift from a friend or relative, means you will be prepared for that unexpected growth spurt!
  3. Musical Instruments– Not only does this open your child up to experiencing different sounds. Musical instruments help build fine and gross motor skills, accelerates brain development in areas such as speech and language and also improves listening skills! What’s not to love? (maybe buy yourself some ear plugs too)
  4. Finger Puppets– Children of all abilities can enjoy finger puppets especially if you use them to tell a story or engage them in imaginative play. Our favourites were animal puppets that we could use whilst singing nursery rhymes!
  5. Texture balls- These are balls covered in little knobbly bits, ridges, dips etc. My preemie loved feeling the different textures and rolling them around when he got a little older.
  6. Light Projector- I was so surprised to see that you can now buy projectors with a variety of different projections. Its not just stars or planets anymore. Now you can buy ones with animals, dinosaurs, under the sea, princesses, unicorns and even ones that illustrate stories. Some even have sounds too…..mind blown! These are the perfect gift for any premature babies first Christmas!
  7. Click Clack Cars- These occupied all of my boys for a relatively good amount of time. Pop the car on the top and watch it click clack down each layer before finally rolling off the bottom. Helps with eye tracking, coordination and fine motor skills.
  8. Stacking blocks- Help your baby stack the blocks up themselves or build it for them and encourage them to kick or hit them down. Usually one that provides lots of excitement and giggles!
  9. Play tent & Tunnel- Endless amounts of games can be played with this. From dens to peekaboo. Majority of them come as pop ups so they’re easy to fold down and store away when not in use. Some even come with a ball pit!!!
  10. Pop up Toys – These toys are great for cause and effect play and also encourage turn taking and speech development. Such a simple toy but one that has a variety of benefits.
Wrapped Christmas gifts. Photography credit: Mel Poole
Wrapped Christmas gifts. Photography credit: Mel Poole

What’s most important

Buying presents for your preemie is lovely but Christmas is so much more than having gifts. Your preemie no matter how big, small, whether they have a disability or delay or not, really wont mind what’s under the Christmas tree. Your presence and the memories you make during the festivities will always be much more important than the gifts they receive.

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