With everything being so uncertain it looks like Christmas parties, pantomimes and other Christmassy events are either cancelled or limited to really low numbers. However, we can still make it feel like Christmas and we have some great ideas for you! Our Christmas activity ideas aren’t just for the kids either:

Ideas for the kids!

Christmas Films – who doesn’t love a good Christmas film?! Home Alone, Elf, Jingle All The Way! We are pretty certain you could easily find one to watch every day during December. As those winter night’s are getting colder we think curling up on the sofa with your favourite little people, a drink and a snack sounds like a good afternoon or evening.

Christmas walk – Create a fun little checklist (or join the Preemie Support Village to download ours). Get wrapped up nice and warm and go and see what you can tick off your list. Or you could make a list of all the Christmassy things you see and tot them up when you get home. The fresh air and exercise will be good for everyone and when you get home you have the perfect excuse to put the heating on and curl up with a hot chocolate, yum!

Two children on a winter walk. Photography credit: Annie Spratt
Two children on a winter walk. Photography credit: Annie Spratt

Christmas baking – kids love to bake (and then eat the baking – before or after it has baked in the oven is optional!). There are loads of recipes online or in the recipe book hiding at the back of your cupboard for you to choose from. You could do some simple biscuits and get some Christmassy cookie cutters. Then decorate with lots of decorations. Don’t fancy the baking part then most supermarkets do a DIY gingerbread house assembly kit. Or you could buy a pack of rich teas, make a little bit of icing and decorate with a selection of sweets.

Christmas crafts – YouTube and Pinterest are definitely the sources of inspiration for crafts. You could look at how to make a bauble, Christmas cards, baby artwork, bunting or a centre piece for your table. We love the toilet roll Santa’s and snowmen!!

Ideas for the adults!

Christmas TV specials – the Christmas TV guide is still a really popular purchase, I don’t think anyone can beat sitting down with a pen and circling the Christmas specials you want to catch this year! Re-runs or new episodes are eagerly anticipated. Settling down with your favourite Christmas drink (hot chocolate with all the trimmings for us – cream, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles = yum!)

Christmas TV. Photography credit: Joshua Herrera
Christmas TV. Photography credit: Joshua Herrera

Virtual office party – This doesn’t just have to be an office party. Why not organise a virtual family Christmas party? Think about games you could play. Psych! Is a popular game for lockdown group calls. You could even do a quiz or a competition as to who can find a household item and get back to their screen first. There are even a few little businesses that are making up Christmas party packs. The packs are posted out to all those taking part in your party. The packs include food, drink and game suggestions. Have a look online!

Christmas craft – during lockdown lots have people have turned to art and craft to keep themselves entertained. What about giving making your own Christmas wreath a go? There are loads of tutorials on YouTube. You could make one for every door in your house if you do a cardboard one with fancy ribbon. You can make them as elegant or outrageous as you like!

Did you see…

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