April is Cesarean Section Awareness Month, both Lisa and I are c-section mamas.

Lisa has now had 2 cesareans (you can read her story here) and three of my boys were born via C-Section.

My second son was born via elective section at term. I chose a belly birth because having my eldest via a vaginal birth caused a third-degree tear which resulted in long term continence issues.

I wasn’t aware an elective C-Section birth was even a possibility. Until my midwife booking appointment where she asked me if I was opting for a section this time.

When I attended my consultant appointments and the option to choose a Cesarean was given to me, I jumped at the chance.

Not only was it a way to avoid all of the issues I had from my previous vaginal birth, it was a way to prepare logistically too.

Dan worked away so it was never guaranteed that he would be home when I went in to labour and we also had our eldest to organise childcare for so a C-Section seemed like the best choice.

The birth itself was horrific. I actually thought at one point I was going to die. I couldn’t breath, my chest felt heavy and I felt as if I was going to pass out. The recovery on the other hand, was incredible. It was quick and easy, compared to pushing baby number 1 out.

Even elective sections don’t always go to plan!

Baby number 3 was an elective at term that turned into an emergency because they couldn’t fine baby’s heartbeat.

I was spewing my guts up throughout and they struggled to get my blood pressure into normal range in recovery but again recovery was brilliant!

And our last son, our preemie, was an emergency section at 32 weeks, which was needed to save his life! This time the surgery was a dream but the recovery was physically tough. I had staples instead of dis-solvable stitches and the pain was more intense.

I’ve since found out that with Prem C-Sections your womb isn’t as soft and thin as term so things are a trickier.

Cesareans are more than being too posh to push!

Mine and Lisa’s cesareans alone, illustrate the different reasons that they happen.

None of the reasons are more valid than another and almost all of them, are more than being too posh to push!! But who cares right?

C-Sections aren’t EASY, but no birth is, they don’t call it labour for no reason, bringing a child into this world is hard work whether that’s through the sunroof or not.

Cesarean Birth – Image Courtesy of Jonathan Borba

Recovery from a C-Section is tough but so was the recovery from a third-degree tear.

The process of adoption or surrogacy is a long, hard process too.

My point is no matter how we become parents, it’s not always easy.

I love the concept of raising awareness through having months/weeks/days dedicated to a particular cause. But for me, it just strengthens the debate that cesareans aren’t ‘normal’ births. Heck there’s no vaginal birth awareness month is there?

Cesarean or Vaginal – All birth is birth.

Like each of our beautiful little babies are unique, so are our birth experiences.

No two vaginal births are the same as no two c-sections are the same (I’m a walking advertisement for that)

A vaginal birth is referred to as a natural birth. Does that make it more of a birth? Absolutely not.

For some women a C-Section is the only natural way to bring their children into the world. And neither should have to be justified.

All birth is birth regardless!

My Birth My Choice… Or Not

Ultimately, it has nothing to do with anyone else how you birth your baby. Whether you choose to have a C-Section, end up with an emergency Cesarean, have an assisted vaginal birth, or an Au Naturale water birth at home. It’s not a competition.

Your baby, your body, your birth, your choice… or not. The only inevitable is that the baby has to be born somehow.

Any way a child arrives into the world is spectacular.

You are incredible Mama!

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