We feel so lucky to have been able to feature so many amazing guest bloggers. We really appreciate taking the time out of their busy schedules to write these fabulous pieces especially for us so that we can share it with you.

There are so many useful blogs on our site that cover a really broad range of topics. They can’t fit everything they have learnt in their many years of practice into one blog but all of them have crammed as much as they can in for you.

The guest blogger mums sharing their NICU stories

These mums have shared their neonatal stories with us. We are so grateful to them as writing a blog and reliving their experience can be a really tough thing to do. These blogs have helped so many though who were looking for comfort or just a connection to another person who has been through what they are going through now.

Thank you so much!

  • Jenny shares her experience of having her twin boys prematurely
  • Sharon shares her experience of being a grandma to a premature grandson
  • Sally wrote about her experience of having her twin girls prematurely and how hard it was to admit she had been through a trauma
  • Jo had a perfectly healthy pregnancy but it resulted in her son arriving early
  • Clare shares her experience of having a perfectly healthy pregnancy to then go on to have a premature baby

The woman who provide services of support that you may not have thought of

These ladies all felt passionately about being able to help. Some of these things we had never heard of or thought would exist. We are so grateful for them taking the time to share their expertise. They have a word limit and it can be really hard trying to share so much information in a short read that you will find helpful!

Again thank you so much!

  • Ruth did a blog on baby carriers (slings), giving great options for smaller babies
  • Rachel Brown wrote about natural ways to support fertility and IVF
  • Rachel Clarke did a blog on becoming pregnant after a having a preemie
  • Sophie told us about how stories can help siblings process their trauma around having their baby brother or sister arriving early
  • Leanne provided 8 tips on bonding with a premature baby
  • Jen shared her experience as a midwife and how Traumatic Birth Recovery can help
  • Izzy shared about why NICU photography was one of her specialist types of photography
  • Alison gave some amazing tips on how to prepare you dog for when your baby arrives
  • Jacky from Confident Cook provided 4 easy prep recipes for dishes that can be batch made

More blogs to come in 2021

We have a lot of guest bloggers lined up for 2021. It will be exciting to see what other things we can learn from them! A lot of our guest bloggers are also featuring as guest experts in the Preemie Support Village which is our Facebook group. So, if you’d like to get to know some of these experts better then look for the pinned post in the group.

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