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I know first hand a premature baby can be really hard to buy for especially if you have never had experience with such an early arrival before. Presents For Preemies is here to help! Take a look at the gift page or check out the blog for ideas, stories and links to places that can help.

Lisa Norman


My Story

I set up Presents For Preemies after having my little boy 10 weeks premature. I was diagnosed as having PAAP A early in my pregnancy so for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy I was to have regular scans to keep an eye on my baby boy’s development.

I arrived for my first scan at 30 weeks pregnant and my husband and I were told that baby’s heart was beating too quickly and that he had a build up of fluid in his body, mainly on his tummy, that would drown him if this fluid reached his heart and lungs. Our world was turned upside down in a matter of minutes! I was rushed to theatre where I underwent an emergency c-section.

My little boy was born and diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) and Hydrops fetalis. We were allowed to see him for a minute and then he was whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where unknown to us we would begin our 73 day NICU journey.

The doctors and nurses were incredible and we are forever grateful for the care they provided in the NICU and the ongoing care he still requires for his SVT, Chronic Lung Disease and other premature baby issues that may arise over the next few years.

My husband and I were astonished at how generous family and friends were with gifts and vouchers. The problem was that while we were in the hospital the gifts we were given we couldn’t use. Clothes were too big and didn’t provide easy access if doctors or nurses needed it, products such as creams, bubble bath and wipes were too harsh for our premature baby’s skin and with vouchers we found we didn’t want to wait in for deliveries or go out shopping. I had to put those gifts away and initially I never knew if I was going to be able to take them out again.

There were things we needed during our son’s stay in the NICU and luckily his grandparents were on hand to research and supply those things! It got me thinking that even though it was really hard for me and my husband as we had no idea what to expect, neither did our family and friends so that is why Presents For Preemies was created.

I want to help provide perfect gifts for the parents of premature babies. I also want to provide useful information, personal stories as well as other people’s stories and tell you about other really helpful resources available which can be found in my blog.

My son has had a few hospital stays after being discharged from the NICU but he is thriving and we are so proud of him. All those gifts we couldn’t use to start with came in very handy and we only had to start buying him things at 10 months old.

You can read more about my little boy’s story by visiting the brilliant charity Bliss who featured him in August 2017.

You can also read more of our story in the Amazon number 1 best selling book Mumpreneur on Fire 3 which I co-authored in September 2018.


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