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Hello and welcome to Presents For Preemies. My name is Lisa Norman and after having my little boy 10 weeks early in November 2016 I came to realise how hard it was for family and friends to buy premature baby gifts. We received so many beautiful presents but I had to put so many away as initially I never knew if I was going to be able to ever take them out again to use because my little boy was that poorly.

 In December 2017 I had the idea for Presents For Preemies, it would be the perfect solution for family and friends specifically looking for a thoughtful and useful gift for a premature baby. These gifts would be especially selected so that parents of a premature baby could take to hospital and use at their very next visit. In April 2018 I was able to introduce the idea for Presents For Preemies to the world.

I have been overwhelmed by the support. The specially selected gifts are growing in number and the blog has become an unexpected hub of information sharing other parents’ experiences as well as my own of having a premature baby and links to other resources available out there. I love the fact that I have been able to bring this all together in one place. 

The wonderful personal photography on this page is credited to Forever Green Photography

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The gifts that I carefully source and select are all with a premature baby and their parents in mind. When I had my little boy I had no idea what I needed, so I had no idea what to tell family and friends what I needed when they asked. I know now what would make a perfect gift, using my experience I am able to select those thoughtful gifts and bring them all to one place. I love supporting small businesses too and find that they go the extra mile to make things just a little bit more special, which is exactly what these precious early arrivals deserve. I will be expanding the range later this year to make sure that mum and dad can have something special too.

I feel strongly about preemie parents being able to experience something that brings them joy in an uncertain and unsettling time. I want the gifts I offer to light up a new mother’s face, whose birth experience was not at all what she expected.



Where i share my experience, other parents experiences & products and services that are helpful for a parent of a premature baby

I started the blog by sharing my experience of having my baby boy on the neonatal unit and beyond. Mums started to reach out to me about their experiences and when I asked if they were happy to share them they said they were! Then I started to see products and services that would have been amazing to know about when I was in the hospital with my son. Again they were happy to write a blog sharing really useful information. Almost by accident it has become an amazing resource packed with knowledge and experience. I also love the book of the month feature. As you will see when you read these blogs, reading to a premature baby is important.






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